About Us

Pastor Judy FornaraDr. Judy Fornara is the founder and pastor of Spiritual Life Church. She is a gifted Bible teacher and minister of the Gospel. She is widely known as a prophetess to nations, moving in the apostolic and prophetic gifts, which are a blessing to the Body of Christ worldwide. Jesus Christ became her personal Lord and Savior while she was a student at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She graduated with honors from ORU, earning a B.A. in Education. While attending Bethel Theological Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, she obtained a Master’s Degree of Theology, and later, a Ph.D. in Education and Theology from Golden State University, California . Never one to rest on personal accomplishments, Pastor Judy puts her training to task as senior pastor of Spiritual Life Church, founder of Spiritual Life Training Center (now Spiritual Life Bible College), and president of Covenant Life Ministerial Organization. She has a call to the nations and has ministered in over 98 foreign countries where she has led crusades and pastors’ seminars, bringing many into God’s Kingdom and a deeper understanding of God’s Word. She has ministered to lepers and presidents alike, moved by the Spirit of God. She has learned, like the Apostle Paul, how to abound and to be abased. Countless thousands of people are healed, delivered, and transformed by the power of God when she ministers, whether in the local home church, at various seminars and conferences, or in the remote reaches of some foreign land.

Pastor Joe FornaraPastor Joseph Fornara graduated from the University of Minnesota Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. Degree in Liberal Arts. He has earned a Master’s Degree in Biblical studies. He co-pastors with his wife, Pastor Judy, and is a gifted teacher and preacher of the Word, whose logical down-to-earth style and delivery has attracted many to the Body of Christ who might otherwise have remained disinterested. Pastor Joe is the President of Spiritual Life Bible College and runs an effective program that is leading along a path that extend its capacity to meet a wider range of educational needs within the congregation and the community. At present, Spiritual Life Bible College offers Associate and Bachelor Degree Programs. He is a Vietnam veteran. Prior to joining the ministry, he owned and operated a number of businesses. He is using that broad experience to help people in the church to manage their finances. Pastor Joe is instrumental in maintaining the sound financial stability in this ministry, with utmost emphasis placed on integrity. He envisions the future of Spiritual Life Church as a cross-cultural community ministering to people across denominational lines and fully capable of reaching out to the lost. He wants it to be a place where the Lord can bring people into His family. Additionally, he desires Spiritual Life Church to be a place that sustains, leads, and brings each individual into maturity in Christ.