Prophetic Word for 2019 as given by Dr. Judy Fornara

The Lord is gracious to His people in the earth and this year will be a sovereign year in the earth, showing the hand of God. There will be great storms and great suddenlies that show that the exalted God reigns in the earth.

North Dakota will greatly prosper this year because of her oil. American shall begin to spend more time and money on her own industry; a move for independence from Arab countries and China.

China will stay under the U.S.A. not above or beside her in greatness. Europe will give us trouble with all her socialism and Anti-Semitic ideas. Yet, they will stay subservient to the U.S.A.

America, your economy will stay strong this year and not go backwards because of your support for Israel. There shall be much shaking in the Middle East this year. Trump got out of Syria because of the evil of Russia’s and Turkey’s secret plans dominate the region. They will, together, give Israel much trouble, but my country (Israel) will always come out on top.

Korea must be revisited to make them know America is a dominate land that tells the truth and enforces the truth. The homosexual agenda wants to dominate the outlook of the church but I will cause them to lose ground this year, for my hand is still on the U.S.A.

The church will grow strong this year as more people will turn to Christ because of the pressures in the earth as we move towards the end of time.

A warrior spirit shall come alive in the church again this year. Pockets of prayer shall become popular this year for people to have breakthroughs in their lives in America.

Your worship shall increase with a new joy and move in the Spirit. The prophetic will come back more alive in America, and a hunger for the deeper things of God. People will want to press into God’s Spirit to draw closer to His Spirit, so they know the mind of God for their lives. Healing will become more noticeable and more frequent in the church.

People will get hungry for the move of God not just playing church. The real anointing of God and deliverance will become more needed in the church. The power and encounters of God will be more manifested in the Body of Christ.

Hope will come alive again in the sovereign work of God who will show himself big for those who are righteous among the saints.