Prophetic Word 2020

The Word For New Year’s – 2020

I am the Almighty God; I will rise up against that which is trying to destroy America with a vengeance this year. What you are being attacked the most, I will help and break. The Jews are under great attack because this will be a breakthrough year for their Prime Minister, the country and the individual Jews in this country. As for America, I am tired of this disunity and will attack it myself and bring unity and peace to each individual in this country. America, with my help will turn around and confront that which they have feared.

North Korea will be stopped this year with their foolishness and threats. I will pull us out of nations that have wasted your money and soldiers. The Muslims will fight each other continually but no more of your blood will be sacrificed for them.

Revival will happen in small areas of this country and miracles will multiply among my people, especially in the area of cancer.

Know of a certainty, North Dakota will be greatly blessed with more pipelines – this year prosperity will roll for oil and even into the farmlands. The farmer’s prosperity will roll across America in a new way; as I have heard their prayers.

Your President will pull off some amazing peace treaties this year for your country. God will be honored from the stages across America especially among those who have not known me before in life.

The Church will give strength this year as I will attack the media who have tried to attack my bride. A turn will come; more people will begin to seek God as the solution to their problem.

I will come on this house as you have honored your Savior and my Word; new people, select people will come to join the house. A touch of my grace shall come on your music and I will favor those in charge of the house, the pastors and the deacons. I will favor you by visiting your families who will be healed and turn back to God in fullness. I will take down idols and restore full worship in your lives.

This is the year to double up on your prayers – building a wall of protection around your money, life, and family.

Let the house of God be your strong tower when peace abides for your life.

Goodness shall be restored and celebrated in America and your army will stand strong for America and other nations.

Trouble on the horizon for Europe in their economy, yet those who know me shall do exploits in Europe. Multitudes caught in the balance as Brexit goest through Europe will begin to consider their stand and allegiances – some toward a dictatorship antichrist system – some to being sold out to Christ and more freedom. I have a large remnant in Europe. They are hidden but will grow this year.

Germany will make more foolish steps this year. The enemy will move greatly in killing in Syria, Turkey and Russia- they are godless and care not for God. A large remnant will be on the move out of their way in the Middle East. My borders of the Holy Land will be guarded by angels and Michael the Archangel stand on guard. I protect that which belongs to me – so make sure your allegiance is in the right area as I am a good God to those who belong to me.