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Prophetic Word

WORD OF THE LORD FOR 2023 – Dr. Judy Fornara

I am with the Church this year. This will be the year of the Church. Great Victories as people will return to the House of God for a stability. They will rely on the Word of God to bring them life. Politically much fighting, but good will begin to prevail over America.

Outside the country will be in much travail this year over the economy. America will see inflation, but my hand shall stabilize America’s finances. Korea will give us trouble. Europe will not stand with America, as they are concerned over oil and gas prices. The year of Israel. Great stability will come because Bibi (Netanyahu) is back in office. I took care of evil forces trying to pull him down. I will deal with Iran. They shall begin to fall apart because of instability in their land.

Someone of great consequence in America shall die this year as I remove the evil forces combatting America. Much evil is fought against this land as far as woke, runaway inflation, but I have called up the ex-military going into your Congress. Their voices have been heard publicly because of the voice of prayer of the saints heard on High across America. God will begin to fight for the Church, saints, and righteousness in the land. I will even cause the laws to be changed for the Police of the land.

Revival will come across the land because of a catastrophe that will come quickly. Ukraine will continue to fight the Bear (Russia), and contain him. China shall stretch her evil wings outside of her borders. She will have to be stopped, an uprising will come over China because of death from the flu. Her leader will not stay in power for life. I will see to it. The Underground Church in China’s voice has been heard in heaven. Your new Congress is a hidden military force that has been placed in your government, and soon will roar like a lion.

This will be a year of much healing and moves of the Spirit. The Church must flow with my Power of the Spirit. Visitations will come quickly of my Spirit, and then move on. Walk in the Power of the 9 Gifts of the Spirit. Then I will supply all the needs of my people. Power overcomes every storm and brings the Body of Christ to the shore. The answer to all problems of the Church is to go higher in God. “Higher, Higher” is the answer for all assaults of the enemy! Then Satan will fall under your feet.