Prophetic Word for 2018 as given by Dr. Judy Fornara

I will shield America because you have turned back to God by choosing someone who honors me and honors Israel. A large shield in the Spirit is over America. Iran will not hit you, neither will North Korea because I will not allow it. The opening in the Spirit is not there for you to be attacked. This is America’s season to arise on the scene as the Giant I have made her in the Spirit. Your greatness is coming back, your military is coming back, your economy is coming back, your best days are here, again in 2018. The Stock Market will climb and My people will rejoice in the goodness of God for America.

The young people in the land will turn from rebellion toward their God. This will be a good year for the Church in America. God’s power will become evident in the land and His Church.

My people will prosper and know it is God. Israel will be saved as the enemy tries to arise against her, but America will stand with her as Europe turns away from Israel. Russia will give Israel trouble as they are still on the borders poised to attack. Turkey this year will become more Communist and lean towards Russia. France will give up the Jews and so will Germany. Anti-Semitism will arise large in Europe. And there will be more exodus to Israel. The End-Times come and the desire to build the Temple will come alive in Israel this year.

As never before, Russia’s alliances will grow and America’s alliances will grow. The nations this year will decide whose side to turn towards. China, in the end, will lean towards Russia, so do not trust them. They are jealous of your power and very anti-God. They will act like they love America, but they are your enemy. Iran will be taken out by her own people. They are also hungry for God and want to turn away from war and terrorism. Turkey will begin to arise on the scene and will want to take over Syria, they too are your enemy.

America you must turn back to me morally, so I can fully protect you in all things. I will reign over Washington, even with some tragedy this year I will turn America’s focus back to God.

I love My Church, I love My People, fear not this season, just walk closer to your God and all will be well this year.