Prophetic Word


This will be a year of favor for the church and those who have lost property, restaurants, schools, hotels and hospitals, as they will turn and bring to the church those properties. The church will increase as people run to the Lord for answers. Believers will experience favor from God, their employers and those they associate with in unprecedented ways.

The Glory of the Lord will come back into the churches. God’s favor will be on Christian businesses as they will be willing to take chances, where others are set in fear and will not be able to move into the new things of God. Great change all around but live on a higher level, above all the rattling of sabers and unkind words. This is the day prosperity will come to the churches; new ministries will burst forth on the horizon overnight with My blessing. Put on your Gospel shoes and move for the pace will pick up to a run for the end times.

After famine come the rain, new harvest, new crops, and new blessings. This will be a takeover year for many believers. What you could not believe for will open quickly to your opportunities you could not dream of in your life. God is going to be faithful to those who hung in there for America and the Lord during this shutdown season.

The bells of hope, opportunity and blessings are ringing as we come into the New Year. The wealth of the world will open up for those who are faithful in the race for the Lord.

This is a year of hope and a year of extraordinary faith. Abraham was God’s servant who was full of faith. Recognize your opportunities and run this year with God for favor and blessings.